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EliteSingles is a dating site designed for busy NZ singles who want more from love. We aim to connect these compatible Kiwis together, basing our matchmaking suggestions on personality, preferences and location in New Zealand to ensure that an EliteSingles match is built to last. Matchmaking NZ in Auckland. When you aim at building a serious relationship, you hope to meet someone to share your many interests with, the same lifestyle, and the same values.After all, love is also friendship and sharing life together. Even though people use to say that “opposites attract each other”, the truth is that the more you have in common with someone, the more chances you have ... Find where to watch Matchmakers (Agente Matrimoniale) in New Zealand. Italian comedy about two young, big-hearted but slightly clutzy guys, who decide that a fortune can be made from helping everyday people meet and marry the person of their dreams NZ Match Maker - New Zealand singles seeking relationships. Enjoy safe online dating at NZ Friend Finder Some matchmakers relied on astrology, some were dependent on tarot divinity, some just claimed to have the “sixth sense” of matching people together. What do Professional Matchmakers Do? In modern culture, professional matchmaking is a business. Match Tauranga, Matchmakers Tauranga, Matchmaking Tauranga, Tauranga Matchmaker, Matchmaker Tauranga If you're ready to stop dating just for fun and would like to have something more serious and long-term, come try our executive dating in Tauranga, we feature true matchmaking professionals that cater to busy lifestyles. Matchmakers Auckland, Matchmaking Auckland, Auckland Matchmaker, Matchmaker Auckland, Match Auckland There's only one leader when it comes to executive dating sites in Auckland, on Find Matchmaker, we form long-lasting relationships because we match you up with compatible singles that have much more than a spark in common.

My favourite mobile games

2020.09.23 00:59 Bethlen My favourite mobile games

(Prefer to listen/watch instead of reading? )
Hi guys! Wanted to recommend some of my favourite games for Android.
Here are my favourite mobile games to play. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. Some doesn't maybe really belong on this list. But hey, we all have our guilty pleasures, right?
Grand Mountain Adventure (
This indie gem is incredible. Free to try with an in app purchase to unlock the full game, this is one everyone should at least try.
Explore and race down several mountains in challenges or free roaming, on boards or skis. Tricks are executed smoothly and easily but the game doesn't shy away from really challenging you if you want.
It's a game you can pick up for a quick play during a bathroom break just as well as sinking hours into, on the couch until the battery dies. And completionists Will have a field day with this one, trying to get all ski passes.
Also a big plus that my 4 year old enjoys it and it being kid friendly.
Civilization 6
Just one more turn, wherever and whenever. Civilization 6 is surprisingly well adapted for the small screen of a phone. The only downside is that the initial loading is slow, as well as late game AI turns.
While you can play the first 60 turns for free, the full game is worth it, but the high price tag is definitely something to consider.
At the end of the day, you're getting all of Civilization 6. And that is a lot of game.
If you don't want the fancy graphics and news features added from Civilization 5 to 6, then Unciv is a great alternative. Not to mention free. With simple graphics, multiplayer and all the units and techs from the base game of Civilization 5, it's a great game to pick up for a few turns when opportunity presents itself. Or a months long multiplayer game with friends.
Mini metro
This game begins a very Zen experience and slowly becomes increasingly stressful and complex. Minimalistic, challenging and a great little game for your commute. About commuting. With levels inspired from real life cities, keep people moving, congestion on stations low and build a smooth metro system in this intuitive puzzle game.
Little Stars for Little Wars 2
Little Stars might be the best RTS on mobile. Tons of content, intuitive controls and a great example of easy to learn, difficult to master. If this game had multiplayer, it would probably be a daily game for me and my friends. The minimalistic aesthetics makes it easy to process all available information and the gameplay fluid.
RTC classic
If you've never played this before, do it. It's a timeless classic. If you have played this on pc back in the day, you'll know all about how addictive this game is. Build theme parks on a ton of maps, design coasters, keep your guests happy and the wallet filled. Roller coaster tycoon Classic includes all of the content from the first two games in the series. Considering the price tag, this one is a steal!
Chess Royale
This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It's really just another auto chess, with 99 opponents. 3 losses and you're out. Heroes that boost different units. It's set in the Heroes of might and magic universe, has had balancing and matchmaking issues at times, bots to fill up the matches and at the end of the day, it's just another Autochess and it treads the line between Pay2Win crap and good game very finely at times. But in the end, I keep coming back to it for a game or two.
Ah, gwent… Gwent is awesome. While Magic the Gathering is probably my favourite card game, gwent is a close second. I've been playing this on and off on pc since the alpha and it remains a really good game with a very generous free to play model. I'm only wishing for more single player content. But If I could get Thronebreaker on mobile, I'd have no complaints! Gwent is another one of those easy to learn, difficult to master games. If at all you enjoy strategy or card games, try Gwent.
Infinity engine games
Developer Beamdog has done a pretty good job reworking these old masterpiece RPGs from BioWares golden age and built a good UI for touch. It's never been easier to play Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 ahead of the highly anticipated third entry from Larian Studios. Baldur's Gate 2 is by many still viewed as the best rpg yet. And icewind dale is a great way to experience how an old school D&D campaign feels.
Cloud gaming
Stadia (
GeForce Now (
XCloud (
Shadow (
This one is probably cheating, but with the advent of cloud gaming, through your provider of choice, you have console and pc games available to you, on your phone. There's something quite amazing about playing Assassins creed odyssey on your phone while walking to the office.
Triple agent, out of the loop, Spaceteam
Lastly, here's some fun ones for when you can actually hang out with people in person again.
Triple agent
Triple Agent has your group working out who the bad guy is by feeding everyone a little piece of truth. Only problem is, who's not being honest with that truth?
Out Of The Loop
In out of the loop, you're answering questions about a subject one of you has no clue about. Answer vaguely enough to not give the subject away but not too vague that you get accused of
being out of the loop.
Spaceteam is a game about working together to keep flying. Only problem is, this spaceship is full of stupidly named modules that constantly need adjusting and break whenever you least expect it. Everyone constantly has a task and just as few seconds to complete it and for the most part, the task is along the lines of changing the waste disposal burner to 7, only that module is on someone else's screen. If you can survive more than 10 minutes, you're doing amazing. This one is always fun with friends. For an extra challenge, set the game to a foreign language and see your group shouting instructions in a language they neither speak nor understand. There is a lot of fun in chaos!
What are your favourite mobile games?
Honorable Mentions to games I recently found and enjoy:
Among Us
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2020.09.04 02:33 TechGuyAtYourService No players in matchmaking (Rank or Match)

When I do a matchmaking in either Rank or Match, it says "Estimated time: 2:00", but no one is there.
Got to a point waiting for 20 mins, still nothing. restarted app, used both ipad and iphone to see if one works, still nothing.
Is 2:00, refer to 2 minutes? or 2 hours? lol
This sucks, I just bought a battlepass, but cannot play. it's unfair.
Server: Asia (NZ)
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2020.09.04 02:30 TechGuyAtYourService Am I the only one having issue with Matchmaking?

When I do a matchmaking in either Rank or Match, it says "Estimated time: 2:00", but no one is there.
Got to a point waiting for 20 mins, still nothing. restarted app, used both ipad and iphone to see if one works, still nothing.
Is 2:00, refer to 2 minutes? or 2 hours? lol
This sucks, I just bought a battlepass, but cannot play. it's unfair.
Server: Asia (NZ)
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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

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2020.08.22 02:05 Fishyeyeball Complaint: OCE servers are turned off completely for 12 hours every day.

Fallguys Twitter seem to ignore this issue. Anyone playing in the Pacific region (Australia, NZ, etc) cannot physically get a matchmaking game in the morning at all. I've put it down to them just being blatantly turned off altogether for downtimes.
Keep in mind, it's a weekend and a lot of us are currently in lockdown, AND this game is one of the most played games especially in this region. YET with all this playerbase, not one person can enter a game. I refuse to believe there's not enough players in this area, other games fill up normally in the morning, albeit a bit slower.
All I'm asking for is communication. Am I being told I can't play this game from 12am to pm? Is the matchmaker broken? Have all the players been disheartened by this lack of care, and just given up playing in the morning? Why can't we have smaller games fill up, or play with our SE Asia or Western buddies?
Please help the word get around. I payed for this game, and I don't even mind longer queue times, but if I'm not even in a queue, then I want my money back.
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2020.08.06 17:57 Little_Testu CCU patch notes; UPUPUP


The Warmongers share ties with the Blackstone Legion, but have greater ambitions. Wielding the elegant flamberge, they are determined to punish those who refuse to join their cause. Not only can they isolate a target with a dark power named Corruption, they also have enhanced Light Attacks mixed up with strong Claw Attacks to put pressure on their opponent.
Special Capabilities:
Known Issue: Campaign completion rewards are missing for the Warmonger


The Core Combat Update is a global series of improvements that affects all fighters, consisting of the following improvements:
Developer Comments: There are a lot of additional damage, stamina, and minor timing changes made to make the above happen. Please see the For Honor Competitive Information Hub created and maintained by top players on the CompetitiveForHonor subreddit.




Stun Trap
Bear Trap
Nail Bomb
Hammar's Favor
Protected Revive
Sinister Shield
Spirit Shroud
Hard to Kill
Jotunn Salve
Second Wind
Heal on Block
Body Count
Stalwart Banner
Tough as Nails
Healing Ward


Shields Up
Vengeful Barrier
Known Issues:
Developer Comments: We expect to address the Core Combat Update issues shortly after the release of 2.20.0




Developer Comments: Following the release of the Breach Improvements in Season 1 of Year 4, we saw that the Win/Loss ratios were now more even across the different maps. However, we see that the Defending teams still hold a significant advantage over the Attacking teams overall. Raising the Ram's Health bar by an additional cauldron strike will help the Attackers clear through the final Gate or allow them to have a little more breathing room in number of respawns in the Commanders Phase.







Citadel Gate





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2020.06.17 01:38 smashT Q&A Notes from Discord and Stream

Rocket answered a tonne of questions on his stream during the Icarus reveal as well as on Discord with other developers. I’ve done my best to collate / summarise them here.
There are a bunch of developers active on the official discord continuing to answer questions, if you would like to join the server, you can find it here:

Gameplay / Design related questions

Q: What happens if you miss your rendezvous and run out of time?
A: You lose everything on the drop (that character, and everything you took with you)
Q: Is the timer more of a game layer thing than necessarily integrated into the story / world fiction?
A: It's integrated into world fiction. You and your friends are dropping down onto this prospect, taking equipment down and are given a rendezvous time to get back up to the station. So it's indelibly linked.
One of the key things that we were trying to do is look at what a difference say PUBG or Fortnite did to PVP Survival gameplay and why was that so good? What it did is it took concepts like DayZ but it put a really nice structure around it, so really it was about what is that structure, what structure could we put around that to try and make that work.
Early on you will be doing these small instances and later on much longer ones that run over a long period of days/time.
Q: How does the oxygen mechanic work? Are there machines to harvest it?
A: At the moment it's still pretty basic, you find oxide on the ground, you can then take that and put them in these oxygen soakers with I think sulphur and they condense and go into oxygen cylinders, if you think about Ark, it's like a water bottle or whatever, at the start your options are kind of basic, but they get better over time.
Q: How is there a fireplace with no oxygen on the planet?
A: Yeh, it's one that comes up a bit in the dev team, why are there helmets etc, so the idea is you don't need to wear a full on space suit, it's kind of like just wearing a rebreather, I think one of the helmets is a rebreather actually.
Q: Is there one planet to visit with different levels/servers?
A: So the whole idea of the game allows us (because we are packaging it nicely) to just pump out new content. So you are in orbit and think about it like running a GTA heist, you want to run a drop, so you invite a bunch of your friends and choose a prospect to drop. There are procedural elements but we are hand making these prospects. I don't want to say the amount of prospects that we are thinking of doing, but it's A LOT.
Q: Will you encounter other players doing their own missions?
A: Not really, obviously you can invite people in and there will be a matchmaking system for public games, we are looking at ways of doing it so if someone else plays the same prospect, in the same configuration as you, then we might look at loading in some of their old stuff, so maybe if they died or got left on the prospect.
Q: If you only claim a prospect for a limited time, does that mean other people have access to a base you might have previously built there?
A: Potentially. Anything you take down with you from orbit, you are going to want to take back up, while you are on the planet,you can't make that meta game stuff, so what you take down is extremely valuable. If you take down an energy rifle from orbit, you are not going to want to lose it or leave it there because you put in a lot of work to get that energy rifle, and if you run out of ammo for that, you can't make anymore so you are going to have to make a bow and arrow, if you run out of food, you are going to have to find food. We are really looking at ways to have a really good base survival loop.
Q: Is the spaceship customizable?
A: 100% customizable, think of it like building in Kerbal Space Program but at the moment, no controls on it.
Q: Can you explain a little about the purpose of the base building if it’s gone after the drop?
A: When you start off and are just dropping in, you are poor, you just have an extractor and some radar stations, your first job is to find the resources, so find them, get some resources, put them in your backpack, carry them back to your dropship, but then as it gets better you have that same gameplay loop but you might have vehicles, for those vehicles you might need infrastructure, roads, bridges, depots on the way because there are animals attacking your stuff. So you are building the infrastructure to support your throughput of resource collection and that allows you to have heaps of different ways to play the game.
Q: Will you have the ability to customise / decorate your hub in space?
A: We haven't done that yet but yes that's the intention, this hub is a place you spend time and do stuff. The least amount of time we have spent on the game is the hub, the reason being is that it is the easiest and we wanted to focus on having a really solid gameplay experience first.
Q: Can you play as a female?
A: I was talking about this with the character team on Friday, well not specifically this but we are wanting to provide lots of different customisation options, you can definitely play as female.
Q: Is Icarus going to have some sort of discoverable background lore?
A: Yes but the lore is kind of secondary, we have done some work on this but the whole focus of the game at the moment has been on that core survival loop.
Q: How many players per session?
A: 8 players at the moment, a lot of games stick with 4 players but I really like having more and we felt games like Ark were really best with about 8 players. That’s what we have been benchmarking towards. That’s probably not 100% set in stone as its kind of arbitrary but that's what we have been using in testing.
Q: In the trailer, the dude is wearing a space suit but is using a hatchet to cut trees down?
A: The big problem I've had with Ark and games like that is it can be really hard to dovetail in the high technology stuff with the primitive stuff and that was something we really wanted to nail, so if you are thinking about it you are starting out as this prospector orbiting the planet and you are really poor but you get access to this prospect, so you drop down in this really simple dropship that you design in orbit, you drop in but you don't have much stuff because you are super poor, so you are chopping down some trees, making a bow and arrow etc. The primitive loop and tech tree is already done as we really wanted to focus on that, but over time you use the resources you get in the meta-game to build cooler stuff so you don't need to do that, you still can if you want. You can build basic stuff if you want but maybe you want to save space in your dropship for more awesome stuff.
Q: How does the AI threat scale, if you start with bows and arrows and end up with plasma rifles, does the AI threat get stronger also?
A: No, I was never a fan of Oblivion doing that, the way I like doing it is establishing the threat, we have an amazing concept art team, the best I've ever worked with who are helping us create creatures and stuff like that we want to have in the biomes. What we will do is we will have it so different biomes kind of get really hard to deal with, so when you are really low level you won't go through the swamp biome for example as you will just get wasted.
Q: Was there a reason for going for a semi-generic barren world based resource setting with mining?
A: So I wanted something super achievable and I didn't want it to take years and years and I didn't want to rely on technology that didn't exist, too many of my projects have gotten cancelled because we were relying on a technology that was taking too long to work.
So one of the early questions was, how do we do our terrains? If we did procedural terrains, it's kind of something that only comes together at the last minute. Unreal is really designed around making first person shooter maps, you can do a lot of other stuff with it, but that's at its core, so we really wanted to stick with what the engine is good at, our terrain size is the default opening 8x8km unreal engine map size.
So we really wanted to make a lot of prospects that you could drop into, I won't say the number but our target was A LOT!
We also wanted it a bit familiar, at least this first world, we also had to grow, remember this team didn't exist a year ago, there are 50 people full time doing an amazing job with everything you see in the trailer, that's possible because we were like, what can we do, what do we know 100% that we can do and the world building team have done a really good job of pulling that all together.
Q: Can you explain the trailer, they are running out of oxygen but they have a fire, there is flora and fauna etc, how do they eat in spacesuits?
A: There's other nasties in the atmosphere too, it's not that the atmosphere doesn't have oxygen, it's that there's other stuff in the atmosphere that makes it deadly to breathe (for humans), you have to remember, it's a game, not a life breathing/eating simulator. - ShinWow
For all the people about helmets/aifood - our focus is on the best mechanics right now. And then fit the lore in later. Writers can write explainations for anything. It's about finding the best mechanics, then getting the best writers to provide the context
Q: We have a space vehicle but we have to collect wood with an axe?
A: It's not the most glamorous of jobs, and in the future, space travel is affordable for just about everyone, but mining equipment? That's a rich-man's game.. As always, it's about maximizing profits, taking shortcuts where possible. - ShinWow
Q: Do things you build on the ground persist between drops?
A: Sort of, when another player plays that "prospect" ... we can load in some previous stuff. Like the structures. But they're likely to be broken down and stuff.
Q: What about PvP (Player vs Player)?
A: No direct PvP... but likely some tension... think negotiation of contracts for a drop like GTA Heists. Survival PvP = Battle Royale currently, we wanted to try something different. It was something we grappled with a lot (not PVP) - I feel like to deliver on a great coop game we needed to just make it PVE..
Q: Do you think we'll see varying resource types within the same family (i..e. can use any metals, but certain metals have properties better for certain applications?)
A: It's a straightforward crafting tree for now. We've very much focused for now on the tech tree on the planet - meta game stuff is something we're working through.
Q: Can we play this game alone or without an organized team?
A: One of our five pillars for the game is "it's fun to play alone" so yes! it will be a lot harder but it's possible explicitly.
Q: Will there be some kind of matchmaking system for "solo" players like me?
A: Yes and we have reputation etc... (but that's not in game yet)

Release related questions

Q: When will it be released?
A: Next year sometime. We are doing very well with our milestone schedule, I'm not allowed to say when but it's going really well.
Q: Will it be released in early access?
A: It will be a full release, the idea is to come out with a really polished core experience and then just push out content in the years after that.
Q: When is early access planned?
A: No early access, honestly we have got the core survival loop done, we are testing in multiplayer every Thursday, I will stream one of the tests, but next year is when it will come out.
Q: Early Access?
A: It's a solid "no" from me to Early Access. Even where it would prove useful for playtesting, the backlash I would personally endure would be way too much. A closed beta is a possibility.
Q: So what about Early Access?
A: No Early Access
Q: Will there be an open / closed beta in the future?
A: Probably a closed beta for sure
Q: Are you expecting that the first public release of the game will qualify as "Version 1.0", or are you approaching the development of Icarus differently?
A: Definitely first release as 1.0 and then treat it as a "game as a service" from there.
Q: Alpha/Beta access?
A: Yes, but I don't know exactly how yet. At the very least we will be livestreaming playtests. later we will run a closed beta.
Q: Do you have a rough date on a closed beta?
A: Nothing set in stone yet. Still early in development, but as Dean mentioned in one of his interviews it is playable and the trailer is all in-engine footage.

Monetization related questions

Q: Why free2play? How will you monetize the game? Cosmetics?
A: Think about my motivation, you’ve made DayZ, others have gone out and done an amazing job with the survival PVP / Battle Royale genre with games like PUBG, Fortnite etc. What do you want to do? You want to make a game that lots of people play, that is very critically well received, and dominates a whole genre. I think survival PvE is going to be huge, people aren't really doing games in survival PvE and when I thought about how we were doing it, basically being able to run it on the clients, it was like, why don't we just make it free. The only thing I can really think off the top of my head in ways of monetizing it is drop ship slots, so we will give you a default number of slots and if you want more for convenience to have different configurations then we could do that, they don't really affect the gameplay that much.
I just want lots of people to play it and for it to be really well regarded and I run the company. I try to get people to think about it like we are making a free game, not free2play. I want people to think of Icarus when they think of Survival PvE.
Q: How do we support the development?
A: Honestly, you don't need to worry about supporting the development, this is not a niche game like stationeers. Stationeers is a passion project. Icarus is a very big game, our total budget will be like 50 million dollars or something so it's a very big game. The best thing you can do is play the game and that's why we are choosing F2P.
I think sometimes F2P sounds like a dirty word in gaming. I think the biggest problem with F2P is if you have to run costly and expensive game servers, then you are not only trying to get money from your customers to make money but also to survive.
Q: Is there an expected date when Icarus will be open for pre-orders?
A: It's a free2play game so you don't have to pre-order it lol, it will be released next year. So far we have met all our milestones which is awesome, the progress has been going really well which is why we are so comfortable launching it. The next sort of info that will come out about it will probably be dev streams.
Q: I'm curious about Free2Play, is that just for the initial release?
A: I was sitting on a plane over a year ago now and I had this epiphany about how to technically do this game idea I've had for a long time without having to run a tonne of game servers and when I did that I was like well why don't we just make it free. My motivation is, I want to make something that a lot of people play that is very well received, after games like DayZ, that is what I want to do and I don't want to just be known for making a niche game like stationeers after DayZ.
So if you look at the reason it's Free2Play, it's that, and I think at the same time we can also make money without having to be crazy.
Q: How do you plan to monetize the game?
A: Aim is to make the game free for now, figure out what stuff makes sense later. maybe slots for dropships?
I mean I have the majority control of the company and idgaf about the monetization. I just want to make a popular, successful, and well received game. This is because I don't want to die with DayZ being how people remember me
Q: With it being free to play out the gate and coop driven is it safe to say most purchasables will be some form of XP benefit/cosmetic based system?
A: Because of how we have made the game we don't need specific game servers, we just need the central server architecture which is what we have to pay for. A good start of something we could monetize is the number of dropship slots, for example. Like World of Warships does. This doesn't help you in the game, it's just more convenient
Q: How do we support the game, is there a kickstarter?
A: No need. We have plenty of funding to make the game .The best thing you can do is help give feedback during the livestreams!

General / Engine related questions

Q: When will we heasee more?
A: We are going to stream internal playtests, we are just working out when we are going to do that. Formally at work there is a playtest every Thursday so we will likely stream some of those.
The last playtest (thursday NZ time) I legitimately had fun. I'm looking forward to playtest again this thursday. I'll be reporting how it went. Eventually we will livestream a few playtests, so you guys can see it evolve
Q: How many people are working on the project?
A: It's going to grow, right now we have 50 or maybe more, these are people from big studios like grinding gear games who made Path of Exile, Ben Carnell is our tech lead, he literally wrote a book on Unreal Engine game development.
Q: What about consoles?
A: We haven't made any platform decisions yet other than PC at the moment, I definitely see it coming to consoles, we just need to figure that out.
Q: Will you be able to have a public game in Icarus?
A: Definitely, we're looking at doing that for sure, 100%. But we have to do a bit of work on matchmaking, we have done zero work on that so far, that kind of stuff is actually one of our last milestones.
Q: Any chance of VR support?
A: No plans for VR so far!
Q: Anyone know if there are applications to become a partnered streamer?
A: Not yet. A key part of our release strategy will be sponsored streaming. I want to simultaneously get the game out there. as well as try and support the industry so that sponsored streaming will cover both very big streamers, all the way through to small ones
Q: What most excites you about this project?
A: What most excites me about this project has been the calibre of people we have on it. And I realize many don't like the idea of a F2P survival PVE game, but personally I think it's exciting to try.
Q: Are you getting a PR manager?
A: One of the things I enjoyed most during dayz mod development was being able to directly communicate with the players, over my dead body will that stop. Our competitive advantage is we are so independent, we can be far more open than anyone else. Rockstar etc, they can't do this. This is the edge we have, so we should use it. Directly connect ourselves with the customers. There's good and there is bad out of that, but it's always good to compete in a way that others cannot.
Q: What do you see community generated content wise, are there plans to shake up the meta so the game doesn’t become stagnant over a while and keeps players interested?
A: For me Icarus is about presenting a world of unsolved problems. The content will come from the community sharing how to solve those problems
Regarding content, New worlds, events... "mine on these asteroids" and then the guild(s) with the most mined get access to special prospects. Guild system coming in Q4 this year, our last milestone.
Q: Is the current planet hand made or generated?
A: Each of the prospects are hand made, and there will be many many prospects, we basically spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to hand make them, we didn't want to use any technology solutions that we didn't know worked, so everything works, there is no technical risk left in the project, everything is a solved problem which was very important to me and no, there's no orbital mechanics.
Q: What engine are you using?
A: Unreal Engine (UE4). We have been working very closely with Epic, they have been fantastic actually, directly looking at what we are doing, having access to our repository and providing feedback.
Q: Why Unreal Engine?
A: I mean UE is really kind of designed to make this game in nearly every way. Also, we have direct support from Epic in making the game. I have never actually met someone from Unity, despite giving them quite a lot of money. I have used UE4 before (I made a map and a couple of features for Out of Ammo, our VA game) Also, blueprints.
Epic have been helping us a lot to get the best out of UE4
Q: Mod support?
A: Unfortunately very hard to make mods work for this. I'm at least comfortable that we are making a bunch of other games at the studio that support modding, it's ok that this isn't.
It's a central server game with meta progression - unfortunately very hard to make mods work with
No plans for "true" modding. To provide the F2P with meta progression, we have to provide a curated experience. We're trying to keep a razor sharp focus with this games purpose.
Q: Is the world Procedural generated?
A: We are hand making them. We just focused on a process to allow us to make them faster. and procedural tooling to help make them. We are focused on what the engine can do already. no technical magic
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2020.06.17 01:31 wickedplayer494 TF2 update for 6/16/20 (6/17/20 UTC)

Via the Steam store:
Rumor has it:
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2020.05.25 07:08 vesfear Welcome to Battle For The Grid!

Welcome to the Grid, Ranger!
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a 3v3 tag fighting game out now on consoles and PC. This is our official community subreddit, where you can share your content and talk with the community about this amazing game. Please consider this post a guide to utilizing the sub.
Please read the sidebar, it has the most important information.
Weekly thread schedule
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2020.05.06 08:17 correct-me-plz Multi-region queue

I'm based in NZ. I have played ranked in the past, and really enjoyed progressing through the ranks.
However, at some point the oceanic ranked servers got abandoned - I haven't had a queue pop for a looong time, despite occasionally queueing just in case. Playing on other severs is possible but restrictive to muscle memory and champion kits due to the increased latency.
The most frustrating part is when I do play on other servers and chat to others, I notice that there are a lot of oceanic players around. This leads me to believe that the oceanic servers are not played on simply because people know no others are playing there, not because no-one wants to.
It seems like being able to queue for multiple regions would be a good way to have everyone able to play on the best server for them, while also removing the problem of needing a critical mass on a specific region to keep it going. Matchmaking could start looking on a preferred region and then fallback on others.
I'd love to be able to play ranked at low ping once again!
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2020.04.29 11:11 Couer_De_Lion Anyone outside of the US still playing?

I'm from NZ and I can only find US lobbies, which obviously are not ideal since I bounce around like a crackhead after a few rocks. A couple weeks ago I was only in local lobbies but suddenly I can't find any. Is my matchmaking fucked or is this game more dead than Kim Jong Ill. Cheers
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2020.04.24 13:41 joekilgobinet A few movies to be going through, including one for the kids

The Secret of Kells
The Matchmaker - romantic comedy film starring Janeane Garofalo. Set in Ireland
Christy Moore - Journey
The Commitments
The Angry Birds Movie
The Snapper
The Van
Change xx to tt in all
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2020.04.16 21:36 UtileDulciMiscere My Spring Cleaning 2020 Suggestion for the Janitor

Hello dear Janitor, it's me again, author of the Janitor Spring Cleaning Mega Thread Reborn post.
I hope you've been hard at work at Half Life: Alyx DotA new player experience, but I'd like you to spend some of your time between cleaning floors and dusting keyboards on the issue of smurfs.
From my personal study, I've concluded that more than 50% of my games have at least one smurf. Fifty per cent! Here I'll start posting screenshots from my more recent games. Personally, I think learning from a smurf yields the best results, since they know exactly what to do in a given bracket to win (feels bad to be stomp by a smurf in Immortal). On the other hand, every time I lose to one, a bit of me dies inside and I am closer to quitting the game. So, in the past, geographical matchmaking has worked better or worse, but I'm fairly certain it's awful atm, and I think nobody will be surprised that most of the smurfs in EU are Russian. While I think working on this could improve the situation a bit, my real solution is this:
Only allow DotA Plus subscribers to play Ranked.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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2020.04.06 18:37 ikeepadreamjournal How to play Populous: The Beginning

Download: Populous: The Beginning v1.03 Setup package - Includes the following:
Install instructions:
  1. Unzip Populous The Beginning v1.03
  2. Run Populous The Beginning v1.03 Setup.exe and install the game
  3. You will be prompted to install the Populous: Reincarnated Match Maker. Do so if you plan on playing multiplayer.
  4. Run PopFix.exe via the created shortcut on the desktop. This only needs to be done once.
  5. Run the game via the shortcuts to play

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2020.03.11 21:05 warioman91 Working on a challenge run and still stuck at 4 kings(DPS problems and a bit of git gud)

Guess I just need some encouragement/options, but I'm a doing a low level build(I think sl 18) that can only go to WL 5 for matchmaking purposes(Remastered version). I wish to low level pvp for fun at the end of it with my "acquired tastes" of an outfit lel....
This is the build:

As per the build and wanting to arrive at it's completion just in NG, I can't place the lordvessel just yet so that I can get access to Kaathe. (just to let you know what I have access to)
I've been taking on the 4 kings with a Raw(unupgraded = +5 WL) Gargoyle's Halberd and then slapping on Great Magic Weapon and Power Within. I have to reapply GMW 2 more times in the fight which just makes things harder as that burns time when I need to be pushing out DPS so the kings do not overwhelm.
Also using crescent shield for the magic attacks. I DID NOT get lucky with pinwheel and get the child mask. So stamina regen alternatives are either grass crest shield...cloranthy...DOH't I forgot about green blossoms. Those will be the solution for stamina problems. I'm an idiot and just realized that now.
Secondly, considering the ring that increases spell durations? It would mean giving up some tankiness as I was using havel's as I want to be able to fast roll. BUT, I wouldn't have as much downtime with recasts.

To add, my hits are putting out about 235 after reductions against them (235 phys and 198 magic damage) which equates to roughly 10 hits per king.

You can throw my stats into this if you want to check for weapon alternatives(remember +5 WL ---you can check table here
This doesn't account for the GMW buff tho(so add 198 magic if you pick a buffable weapon)
11 STR, 16 DEX
Check 2 handed, effective only, RH buffable, and all groups. And Raw with +1 Reinforce.
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2020.02.05 21:43 Jaypay19 Can I change region to EU servers similar to BF servers for Modern Warfare for xbox one?

Regurely matchmaking throws in random players from Asia, Pacific, Australian, NZ, Japan or American players in the lobby, everytime this happens severe lag occurs, cross play is disabled, my network is fibre optic and optimised for gaming, can I change the settings in the game to play Eu only?
Plus random disconnects from the server in game, and screen prompts to reset my rank etc, I have to quit and restart, all since the new update. As far as the lag issues are concerned, thats been there since I've had the game.
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2020.02.03 11:56 Shiny_Soul Question for any ps4 players from AU/NZ. (if any left)

Returning player from NZ. Just wanted to ask if there are players finding games in Sydney server. I've tried about 30-40 dom matches. doesnt take long to find game but every single one is over 100 ping(used to be 30-50 before) and when i messaged the players ther from US. contacted support, they basically said contact ISP. Just wanted to know if oceanic server is dead or some fuckery going around with my ISP or ubisoft matchmaking.
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2019.12.20 03:19 thebudusnatcher Any Australians/NZers/anywhere in oceanic region players running a madden20 cfm league or interested in setting one up?

I know this probably belongs on a specific sub but non-US players seem few and far between so I'm posting here for visibility. I'm interested in joining or even starting a league based in Aus or NZ since normal online matchmaking is so hopeless with the lag of the Australian doodlenet when playing Americans. If there's any Oceanic region players that are keen or know of a pre-existing league hit me up in the comments or PM. Cheers.
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2019.10.30 11:39 bigstee Why is matchmaking (especially gambit) so bad for OCE players?

Seriously bungo,
The ping difference between NZ/Aus/NA is FAR superior than NZ/Aus->Japan/SEA.
Can you put a little effort/thought into SIMPLE shit you should be getting right. Fix matchmaking, even if we have long queues. Lag teleporting and rubber band games are the normal for us since the game has moved to steam, and it's fucking HORRIBLE.
I'm astounded you cant get that right in 2019, when its been the baseline for any FPS mp for at least 10 years.
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2019.10.26 00:58 yeebok Is multiplayer laggy for anyone else ?

My internet's fine, my connection's fine, got something like 75Mb down, nobody else on the home network at all. I've verified files, poked my PC with a stick, and done the "Lag Reduction" interpretive dance routine. I'm in the right matchmaking area - (Australia).
Anyway since the patch yesterday, I'm stuck with at least a third of a second delay in a lot of places. For instance I can get 3 shots out of the magazine on my Binary Mocking Cutsman before the first projectile appears. Before yesterday there was no noticeable lag at all.
Is anyone else having this issue? Local games work fine, as you'd expect.
Edit no similar issues with other games. Anecdotally was just playing with someone from NZ who said they're having the same issue but only if they join games.
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2019.10.20 20:38 zeeshnomat How to find sessions PC

I'm sorry if this has been asked so many times but I can only seem to bring people into my world and I can't join anybody. I don't have a password on and have unlocked all regions. Does nobody play this on pc or are people just playing with friends??? I live in NZ and my matchmaking has No restrictions on so I should be able to find matches right? Again no password on.
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Extended highlights of New Zealand v Ireland at Rugby World Cup 2019 Two rugby powerhouses face off in Pool B! Re-watch all the action from New Zealand v South Africa from Rugby World Cup 2019 🇳🇿🇿🇦 SUBSCRIBE to World Rugby on ... Hamilton Boys High School - The Season 5 Episode 3 A changing room reminder about team values and expectations encourages the squad to train with consistency... Watch full highlights of the India vs New Zealand at Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Game 46 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The home of all the highlights from ... Watch full highlights of the New Zealand vs Pakistan match at Edgbaston, Game 33 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The home of all the highlights from the ICC M... Watch full highlights of the Bangladesh vs New Zealand match at the Oval, Game 9 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The home of all the highlights from the ICC M... Watch full highlights of the England vs New Zealand match at Lord's, the Final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men... Rugby is a major sport in New Zealand 🇦🇺. Almost everyone loves rugby in here. In this video you will see how a rugby match feels like in New Zealand. Hurric... Matchmaker in New Zealand - Personal introductions and dating NZ - see: An historic match - Nelson Mandela present, this game pulled the nation of South Africa together. It is the game featured in the movie and book Invictus. New...