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What opportunities are there in Astro and Physics Specialist program?

2020.06.14 10:57 scary-catch What opportunities are there in Astro and Physics Specialist program?

I want to do an astro + physics specialist program and will be starting it this fall. I've heard about CITA and the Dunlap and was wondering how probable it is for second year students to get internships there (like how competitive is it to get an internship there?). Also in general, are there several research opportunities for students in this specialist?
thanks for any insights!
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2015.11.29 20:15 JayOhh Xbox One Elite Astro MixAmp - TR Siberia V2's USB/Audio

So yes, another one of these posts. I've been scouring the countless threads on this type of topic looking for as much information as I can gather. Lots of out dated things and I'm just looking a for a bit of reassurance before I start ordering.
SO! This is what i'm trying to do:
Connect my Siberia V2's, either the USB version or Audio cable version to my xbox and have surround sound working.
From what I gather I need two things.
  1. I need an astro MixAmp. Conveniently there is a nice sale on right now and this is what I want.
  1. Next I just need to find, and correct me if i'm wrong please. I need a "Y splitter, 2 - 3.5mm to a 3.5mm 4 pole CITA standard" adapter?
Once I have both of those, I should be able to hook everything up and have surround sound in my headphones?
Also, I have the USB only version of the Sibera V2's, is there a simple way I could utilize this headset instead?
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